South Pole photos reimaged.

Note in all photos the E photo is first and the M photo is underneath or on the next page.

E800272 and M0805965:

E801158 and M0900157:

E0801169 and M0806244:

E0801325 and M0900126:

E0801508 and M0901070:

E0900294 and M0905438:

E0900891 and M0906652:

E0901221 and M1000707:

E1000683 and M1001098:

E1000703 and M1001138:

E1001078 and M1001541:

E1101197 and M1200187:

E1003140 and M1002701:

E1100896 and M1104199:

E1101662 and M1102293:

E1201770 and M1300113:

E0801447 and M0900757: